Senior Gay Men In Kelowna


Senior Gay Men In Kelowna is an inclusive, respectful and supportive group. Anyone who can support the issues of Senior Gay Men ...and anyone who self identifies with “Senior” issues, and / or opposes homophobia & age-ism is welcome to attend.

No pornography or soliciting will be allowed.

The Regular SGMIK Gatherings are every
 1st and 3rd Monday  of the month – 7:00 p.m.
Every Gathering has Sociability & Refreshments.

There are no Fees or Charges to attend SGMIK events.
1st Monday of the month we try for some Informational Content together with Sociability, Coffee & Refreshments.
2nd Tuesday of the month afternoon is the SGMIK's 'Coffee Break' - 2:00 p.m. - at URBAN FAIR - Mission Park Mall - Kelowna. (Lakeshore/ K.L.O./ Richter)
3rd Monday of the month the focus is on Entertainment and "Fun". Always Sociable, Fun with FREE Refreshments!.
4th Monday of the month is Steering Committee.

* * *
Refreshments at our regular gatherings are always FREE and you are welcome to stay as late as you wish. Feel free to bring along your favourite 'snacks' or 'treats' to share. Coffee, tea, water and other beverages are provided.

Donations are always welcome! --- for those with the capacity & inclination --- currently our only means of support and support our Community Outreach activities and Toll Free Telephone Information line.

SGMIK Outreach Activities:

... including Toll Free Information Line) depends on Donations from participants who have the Means and/ or the Inclination to contribute.

(Currently looking for donations to support our Presence in the Community & Toll Free Information Line)

Other upcoming Outreach activates include: Human Library Events in Schools, University Level Educational Modules for Med & Nursing Students, Graduate Sociology & Social Work Students/ Seniors Safety Fair/ Creative Aging Event.
Thank you for your support!

We are also asking you to support our inclusive COMMUNITY PARTNERS - long standing and new - They make our activities possible and provide valuable community services that we at SGMIK endorse and support. They are: The Food Bank, The Shoe Bank, Kelowna Community Resources

Our Partners could use your donations of plastic grocery bags and of course, non-perishable food items for the Food Bank. Lightly worn shoes and boots for the Shoe Bank. Kelowna Community Resources are our newest Community Partners and Facility Hosts. Their support is greatly appreciated.

Toll Free Telephone Line: 1-800-562–1067 (Recorded Information – Funded only by Participant Donations).

Direct Contact:
Raymond: (preferred)
Ph.778.484.5296 (Kelowna) and your call will be returned

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