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 The Neutral Zone

   The Neutral Zone

Since 1994 The Neutral Zone Coaching & Consulting Services Inc. has provided organizational development, team-building, change management and impartial and confidential conflict resolution services for public and private sector organizations, community groups, families and individuals. We work as trainers, facilitators, mediators, counsellors, coaches, speakers and advisors to prevent and address communication problems, human rights issues, workplace respect and professionalism issues, discrimination and harassment and human resources needs. For our company profile, click here.

The Mission of The Neutral Zone Coaching & Consulting Services Inc. is to enable individuals, groups and organizations to achieve their potential through building respectful, collaborative and fair relationships and communication at work, in service and in communities. Click on the links above to meet our team, understand our values, hear our clients and to contact us.

Jim Skinner,
BGS (c ), CRC, CEG

The Neutral Zone

Coaching & Consulting Services inc.
Central Okanagan Office

office: 778-755-4459 / cell: 250-212-0013 / e: jskinner@theneutralzone.ca


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