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Child Molesters Moving to Grindr To

 Find Underage Victims

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Well this was only a matter of time: Grindr claims its first (reported) sexual assault with a minor. Vancouver's Bren Tynan, 54, stands accused of using the iPhone app to lure, or whatever, a 15-year-old boy for some sexual touching. It's going to be easy to blame Grindr for this one, the same way it's easy to blame MySpace or Facebook for other "hetero" sexual assaults. But while a piece of software may help enable these terrible acts, it's the users, and their parents and guardians, who bear responsibility. (This isn't a matter of blaming the victim; this 15-year-old, whether he was after sex or not, cannot be branded a responsible party here.) While Grindr has a 17-and-over policy, anyone with an iPhone can download the program and just click "Yes" when asked if they are of age. So what to do? Keep iPhones out of the hands of minors? Not good enough; they still know how to get on Manhunt and open themselves up to the possibility of assault. Like everything else, children's parents need to be involved, monitoring what they're doing on what device, and having candid conversations about staying safe on the Internet (and cell network). Oh, and also prosecute the shit out of this perverts, who are scum.

Exerpts from Comments:

I understand that the LGBT community encompasses a diverse range of sexual tastes, including young men who are attracted to older men and older men who are attracted to younger men. All I'm saying is I think in this day and age, of sexual predators and lousy parents and the Internet making sexual encounters far easier for teens, that having sex with guys in their late teens and early twenties carries a little added responsibility of making sure they're legal. If you don't do the research and you wind up breaking the law, don't come crying to us that it's not your fault.

Also, I will point out that guys having sex with kids in their mid-teens are not pedophiles, they're ephebophiles.


If you can't tell a teen just by looking then you need your eyes checked. Sure some teens look older than they say. All the more reason to avoid the slippery slope of trolling for boyish looking 18 year olds and start dating/bedding real men who actually have mens features.

Gay men are always quick to defend this bullshit more than anyone because many gay men have an obsession with youth and guys legally as young as possible.

You won't run this risk if you stop looking for 18-20 year olds and pretending that at almost 60 that a 30 something year old man is too old for you.

Blaming the teens is downright stupid. It's not like gay boys their age are running around waiting to date them and take them to prom. They're lonely and these freaks exploit that loneliness.

I frankly don't care what their excuse is. They knew what they were doing, that's why they like them young.

Wanna skate the line of dating 18 year olds? Fine, you run this risk.


It's not about you knowing what you're doing or not.

The reason this is more common among gay teens is loneliness which is exploited by those who are much older and aware of that fact.

It's like a fox stumbling across a bunch of newborn baby chicks.

Gay teens in high school don't get to experience the things straight teens do so they're socially under-developed, that doesn't give full grown adults the right to swoop in and exploit it.

We literally age more slowly socially as gay men and women because most of us don't get to start dating, having sex, and exploring who we are until our 20s, 30s, or even 40s.

So why should the teen be blamed? Raging hormones, no outlet, and probably no one to talk to.

The reason some guys go straight for the newbies is because they know they can land a hottie with the six pack who would never look at them twice even a few years later in life. It's not a secret, but it is pathetic, and in some cases like the article…illegal.

 Despite the fact that most pedophiles identify as heterosexual, the conservative, anti-gay community has actively tried to pin it entirely on the gay community, and people defending this pervert in any way should be condemned and discredited by the LGBT commuity to show we clean up our shit even when the breeders and Catholic Church turn the other way.


I disagree with Queerty's assertion that the child cannot hold some of the blame. He downloaded an application which requires him to be a certain age, and he lied in order to do so.

However, that does not mean that the 54 year-old gets a free pass by any stretch of the imagination. He had the ultimate responsibility to stop the relationship when he found out about the kid's age, and he failed in that regard. If he knew and still took advantage of a child, that's a real problem.

I'm doubting he's so naive that he didn't know. He was on Grindr, probably on the web, and caught himself a twink. A kid may look older than he is, but spend a few minutes talking to him, and anyone with even a shred of common sense can tell the difference between a teenager and an adult. Especially a 54 year old man.

I know there are a lot of guys who will defend what he did and say that the kid knew what he was doing and this is just a case of sexual puritanism, but that's not true. This isn't some kid hooking up with someone just a couple of years older; the age difference is 39 years. This guy was almost four times as old as the youth, and nothing can excuse that in my mind.

So, my quick summation: Kid needs a lesson on age-appropriate dating and why lying about your age is a bad thing, and Mr. Tynan needs to understand that children are off-limits.


 Any time one of the parties is an older adult, i.e over 30, and the other is underage, i.e. less than 18, in my opinion the adult is a p[redator and should be charged and arrested. There is enough bad press in the gay community without having to accept/challenge/defend any adult gay person taking advantage of some kid under 18.
Wake up folks use one head or the other but leave "children" to be with "children" and NOT pedophile or ephebophile adults.


Pedophiles aren't homosexual, hetrosexual, etc ... their sexual attraction is based on age. Do "peds" seek a community that will remain silent to what they are doing? 

Not a homosexual act:

Age of consent in Canada is also dependent on exploitation:  .  Exceptions are peer groups (within 2 - 5 year age difference).


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Some other links to get you started:  Please participate in a study that seeks to document some of the attitudes you feel others hold toward lesbian women and gay men, as well as some of the behaviours you may have experienced on account of your sexual orientation and/or gender identity The principal researcher is Melanie Morrison, Co-Chair of the Canadian Psychological Association’s Section on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, and also Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Saskatchewan. This study received ethical approval from the University of Saskatchewan Behavioural Sciences Research Ethics Board on January 11, 2006. 
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Coming Out Can reduce Sexual Prejudice:
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This is not to suggest that people should come out if they fear for their safety but it is a heads up not to allow fear mongering and scare tactics to achieve the purpose that some homophobics want ... to scare us deeper into the closet!

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